Competitive Rates

No Setup Fees

Typically a company will charge a fee to set up a merchant account in which they will benefit. We don’t think this is how the boarding process should work. Others will only charge the larger merchants only because they can afford it. We at Carolina Pay Point believe that this leads to abuse of the system and have taken the stance that this should never enter the equation, that’s why there are no setup fees, ever.

No Application Fees

This is just another way that our offer differs from most companies. Our belief is simple, it is based on real cost not something dreamed up. We want to earn your business. While it is true we have to make money to keep the doors open our promise to you is that we will be your advocate in this business.

No Termination Fees

One more way for a company to keep your business after they have it. When you tell them you are not satisfied with the service, it comes up you are in a contract for three possibly four years and it will cost you so much money to get out of the deal. Then you hesitate because it seems a unusual amount of money. Why not make sure you don’t enter into a contract and do business right? Beware of equipment contracts they can sting also! At Carolina PayPoint there’s never any termination fees.

Great selection of credit card terminals, free terminals, and POS systems starting at $295.00. Realtime approvals, all major credit cards accepted, and 24/7/365 customer service.

Tiered rates as low as 1.39%, MOTO rates as low as 2.19%. Call for Internet pricing.