Payments are posted to your account within hours not days, with approval next day funding is available.

Ability to process your transactions via the best possible rate by using different companies, so you are assured the best possible rate and transaction for your industry type. Let us turn any computer that has access to the internet into a virtual terminal for all your transactions. Process anywhere, at any time with a mobile solution that fits your business growth. Never be confined to one space again. The reader fastens securely to the mobile device to enable accepting cards in one small portable mobile app.

Maximize your payments potential with innovative products, services and an offer that will revolutionize the credit card industry. You will receive superior service along with a once in a lifetime offer. Everyone that takes advantage of this offer will receive a 20% commission of the net of residuals earned after one-month processing with us. The residuals received will kick in after one-month processing and will be paid out the following month as long as your account stays active without interruption. Any interruption for any reason voids the agreement and you will lose the commission stated above.

We realize that your money should work for you and the return should be yours to spend anyway you see fit. For any referral of another merchant, you can receive a 5% override on that account. As many merchants as you refer is what you can get paid on. The rules stay the same, after one month of processing on our platform you will then receive the 5% residual. Any interruption in service voids the agreement.

Contact us today and let us help you unlock your opportunity to get paid off of money you are already spending.

Our stand alone countertop offers superior service for merchants stability and experience , trusted performance in payment expertise and very dependable. All For FREE!

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Merchant Advocator

Helping Merchants and businesses…
  • Increase Cash Flow
  • Read and Interpret Credit Card Statements
  • Negotiate the best discount rate for your business – Reduce Cost
  • Minimize Charge Backs
  • Prevent Credit Card Fraud at the Point of Sale
  • Get the most cost effective system for your business.
  • Generate new clients
  • Retain existing clients
  • Educate cashiers