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Our mission is to help you grow your business and meet your needs in a diverse and multifaceted industry. There are many types of businesses that make up the payment value chain and we understand them all. Let us help you navigate your business through transparency and honesty along with personal service. The rapid shift of cash to digital payments is changing, not only how merchants sell, but also how they accept and process payments while at the same time engaging with there customers. Businesses will increasingly rely on their POS systems and processors to help them grow their business. We look forward to a continuous march toward the goal of growing our businesses together.




Carolina Pay Point

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Why Carolina Pay Point

Our Passion

Everything starts at the top of management with people who have a passion for what they do and excel to meet the merchant’s needs. Our team is all in.

Security & Transparency

I believe that security & transparency are crucial. Along with this comes learning how to become secure, as well as full disclosure, that makes our partners ready to make informed decisions.

Customers First

“Where the customer’s in control” not just a slogan it’s a reality for all our associates.

Continual Improvement

We use data rich capabilities such as sales fort casting payroll, accounting, and our vast experience to keep ahead of the curve.

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