Cyber Security

Who’s at risk?

As it becomes harder for the fraudsters to attack the mainstream larger merchants, some will find it easier to go after the small to midsize companies that for whatever reason are not protected. It could be they think they are under the radar. All the numbers indicate that in 2017 31% of all breaches reported were businesses with under 1000 employees. Also, during this same time period ransomware attacks were growing more than 350% annually. Those attacks are targeted on disrupting your systems and asking for payment. This can be a real problem for any small business that relies on their systems.

What can cause a breach?

  1. Access related – anyone who gains access through whatever means.
  2. Web related – this is a common phishing email or any number of ways like a phone call mimicking someone in you IT department.
  3. Accidental – covers a variety of things that could go wrong.
  4. Physical Security
  5. Insider – Rather than saying I’ll never get hacked, why not plan for the unforeseen and protect your livelihood with a tool for small business that restores your business after a breach. Before now cyber offerings were often too costly for most businesses and only the government or tiered 1 merchants could afford to be protected. Now receive a package that is powerful, convenient, and affordable all while offering peace of mind for small and mid-sized business owners.

Why are small businesses Targeted?

  1. They can’t afford dedicated IT staff. And if they can, training and budgets are often inadequate.
  2. Inadequate or non-existent computer and network security. Small businesses can’t respond to threats quickly enough or can’t detect them at all.
  3. Employees unknowingly help cyber criminals attack businesses. Staff members need to be more aware of attack methods as varied as social engineering calls and email scams.
  4. Small businesses are comparatively easy to attack. Hackers can find entry points to access valuable customer financial data more readily because of the absence of protection. Criminals can also use the business’ credentials to attack larger targets like suppliers and financial institutions.