Your Payroll Process, Better with Paycards

The Carolina Paypoint Payroll card provides a better way to deliver wages to employees. Incorporating seamlessly with your current payroll process, our payroll cards save time and money, while giving employees valuable features and benefits. Paying employees should not be complicated. Simplify and modernize your payroll with Carolina Paypoint payroll cards and deliver more value to employees too.

Paperless Payroll: The Best Way to Pay Employees

Payroll Features Include:

 PERSONALIZED or instant issue cards making onboarding a snap

 FEATURE rich cardholder app

EMPLOYERS fund pay cards directly via ach, reducing or eliminating paper check expenses

EMPLOYEES can spend, pay bills, transfer funds, manage money all on one card

INCREASE enrollment in direct deposit

TRANSPARENT low fee structure

24/7/365 cardholder support

DELIVER wages in an efficient and compliant manner

Employees can spend, pay bills, transfer funds, and manage money all on one card

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