Restaurants need all the standard things that go along with processing. A point of sale system, uniforms, ordering system, licenses, cookware, etc. But let’s talk to the new owner who is starting their business and maybe it is your first go at a restaurant, or maybe you are a honest person who thinks most people are honest and the business will take care of itself if you just serve the best food you can. Let’s talk about something that is a big taboo in any business and it is an issue for all small businesses, especially restaurants. In addition to managing the natural shrinkage that comes with running a business, restaurants face a unique problem that nearly everything is consumable. Surveys have determined that internal employee theft is responsible for 75% of inventory shortages and almost 4% of restaurant sales. That’s worth noting all totals between $3 and $6 billion annually.

Do you think that employee theft at restaurants is limited to just a few bad employees? It is actually a widespread problem and it's been determined that about 75% of employees steal from their workplace at least once, if not repeatedly. Theft at restaurants is a huge problem, but there are ways to cut down on the impact that employee theft has on your bottom line.

First, know that every business situation is very different. At Carolina PayPoint, we take the time to fit our customers with the right equipment the first time. A carefully constructed questionnaire will let us know what you need. You can’t Imagine how many times a customer wants a certain type of equipment because their friend has it, never thinking about things like manager controls, Inventory control, loyalty programs, tip after the authorization, multiple tax rates and much more.

Search around and see what type of equipment is best for your unique business. Pricing should always be at the fore front but not always the winner. Look for integration with QuickBooks if you are just starting out, this saves you time and money if the sales are imported automatically from the PoS. Never choose any PoS system that won’t allow changes as we all know technology is certain to change and what is good today won’t be tomorrow.

What are you waiting for? We sell from a variety of vendors and we can show you multiple PoS devices and help choose the one suited for your unique situation. No two restaurants are the same. It’s your creation.