Thinking of Switching Processors?

Do you understand what you’re paying or what your cost is for accepting credit cards?

Most credit card processors will offer attractive base rates, then turn around and hit you with unexpected add-on cost. Often, those large cost are hidden fees, so you might not even notice your being charged at all.

How can you determine your real cost?

With our help and a little math, your actual cost is simple to determine. We take the amount you are currently paying, fees included, divide by the total dollar volume of the transactions you processed. This will give you the “effective rate” – showing the average rate you pay per transaction. So don’t let your current credit card processor run up your bills!

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Apple pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service by Apple Inc. that lets users make payments using the iPhone, Apple Watch-compatible devices (iPhone 5 and later models), iPads.

Flex Point

Flex Point is a hardware, software and middleware platform that drives true secure EMV integrated processing from a highly experienced North American payment processor.
  1. True EMV secure payment processing (hardware, middleware, software).
  2. Highly secure: includes P2PE which limits PCI compliance from scope.
  3. Easy integration: as few as 5 lines of code.
  4. Cost-effective solution.
  5. Single provider technology.
  6. Customizable, reloadable gift cards for customers.
  7. One low monthly fee.

Say goodbye to paper certificates! It is easy to track gift cards and generate usage reports using the convenient online portal. Gift card recipients can even register their card online and check its balance, while the merchant gains valuable profile data from customers.

All this with a Free Terminal – Flex Point 340

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